Yonique Creations | Sacred Burden Water Color Painting
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Sacred Burden Water Color Painting


Painting measures 8.5X11″


This painting was inspired by an NPR story I heard about the ostracization of menstruating women in Nepal. According to Hindu tradition, menstruation is unclean and women who are on their periods may be forced to sleep in a shed. Similar texts can be found in the Bible and Torah. In popular American culture, a woman’s period is seen as disgusting, even by women themselves. We have been taught to believe this essential and amazing bodily process is somehow wrong.

This painting is called the Sacred Burden, because I believe that our menstrual cycle is key to a woman’s spiritual awareness. The pain and discomfort should be endured as it is a reminder of the amazing capacity of the female body. Our menstrual cycle connects us to the movement of the moon and unites us in universal sisterhood.

With this painting, I wanted to communicate that enduring this “Sacred Burden” allows us to participate in the rhythm of life which is far greater than any individual.

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